Turbine Oil

AXCL Turbine Oils

AXCL Turbine Oil is high-quality inhibited Zinc Free oils. It is formulated from premium quality, chemically stable, high VI base stocks, which are further enhanced by the addition of oxidation inhibitors. These inhibitors provide resistance to thermal degradation over long periods of time in the presence of entrained air and catalyzing metals. AXCL Turbine Oil exhibits good demulsibility, permitting water and other contaminants to readily separate from the oil in the system reservoir.

AXCL Turbine Oil is suitable for use in water and steam turbines bearing lubrication and cooling which require mineral turbine oils. In addition, AXCL Turbine Oil promotes outstanding performance in hydraulic systems, gear cases, bearing and other industrial units.

Performance level
AGMA-250.04; David Brown-Table M; ARAMCO-26 SAMSS - 045

Benefits and advantages

  • Excellent water separation
  • Very high oxidation stability
  • Long service life
  • Effective anti-foam properties