TUK-TUK Engine Oil


These oils are specially designed keeping in view the high temperature operating conditions encountered in air cooled 2-wheeler/3-wheeler engines unlike in the case of passenger car engines, which are water cooled. Further these oils possess special frictional properties required for smooth operation of wet clutches used in these vehicles. These oils provide outstanding oxidation and wear protection for extended oil & engine life. These oils minimize engine deposits due to excellent sludge and varnish control. Being multigrade oils, these are suitable for use in all seasons.

It is specially recommended for vehicles operating at high ambient temperatures and/or sever operating conditions.

  • Higher viscometrics provide better lubrication at all operating temperatures and reduces Engine Noise.
  • Reduced maintenance & operating costs due to excellent wear protection to Engine parts & Gears.
  • Outstanding protection for 2-wheeler/3-wheeler gasoline engines.
  • Excellent cleanliness and wear protection in high-temperature/hot-running engines, even at longer drain intervals.
  • Suitable for use in Tuk Tuk (Autorickshaws) operating on Petrol fuel.