Pumpfluid Hydraulic Oil

AXCL Pumpfluid Hydraulic Oils

AXCL Pumpfluid hydraulic oils are formulated using the best quality mineral base stocks available. It imparts excellent resistance to oxidation demanded by the sophisticated Hydraulic systems. AXCL Pumpfluid hydraulic oils provide outstanding high temperature stability, longer drain intervals and clean operation of equipment. Also suitable for a wide temperature range and applications. Serves as multi service lubricant in Hydraulics, Circulating systems and Air Compressors.

• Industrial hydraulic systems 
• Hydraulics of mobile and constrction equipment • Hydraulic systems qwith vane, gear or piston pumps • Plastic injection molding machines • Machine tools • Enclosed gear systems • Industrial Circulating Systems

Performance level
ISO 11158 HM, DIN 51524-2 HLP, Cincinnati-Milacron P68, P69, P70, Denison HF0, HF1, HF2, GM LS2, ISO 6743-4 HM, Eaton I-286S, DIN 51524-3 HVLP Poclain

Benefits and advantages

  • Reduced maintenance costs & Consumption
  • Good water separation characteristics
  • Protects Gears & Pumps in circulating system
  • High Anti wear, Thermal & oxidation stability