Polar Ice Antifreeze/Coolant

AXCL Polar lce Coolant & Antil Freeze
AXCL Polar Ice Coolant & Anti Freeze is recommended for use in liquid cooling systems of automotive and industrial gasoline and diesel engines. They are available in various concentrations ready for use. The higher boiling points of AXCL Polar Ice Coolant & Anti Freeze are beneficial in hot weather and at high altitudes.

AXCL Polar Ice Coolant & Anti Freeze protects cooling systems of gasoline and diesel engines against rust in all seasons. They provide ideal cooling, effective protection against corrosion and scale deposit formation in the cooling systems year-round, resulting in longer radiator life and lower maintenance cost.

Benefits and advantages

  • High boiling point gives better cooling performance in high temperature condition
  • Excellent anti-foam properties
  • Withstands freezing at low temperatures
  • Protects the radiator against rust & corrosion
  • Compatible with ordinary summer coolant
  • Protection against excessive evaporation
  • Provides year round cooling and anti-freeze properties