Multitrans Auto Transmission Fluid

AXCL Multitrans Auto Transmission Oil

AXCL Multitrans ATF is highly refined fluid made from solvent base oils, viscosity index improvers, anti-oxidants, anti-wear agents, detergents, defoaments and special friction modifiers. It is recommended for use in all automatic transmissions that specify either GM DEX III or Ford Mercon fluid or BTR 4 speed 85 and 95 LE, Ford ZF 6. It is produced from high quality base stocks and selected additive packages. It has excellent oxidation stability, low temperature properties, minimize formation of gum, sludge and varnish, excellent protection from rust, corrosion and wear.

  • Protects metal parts from corrosion
  • Protects transmission gears and allows them to operate smoothly
  • Provides smooth flows for cold start-up
  • Prevents fluid breakdown at higher operating temperatures
  • Provides excellent oxidative stability under severs conditions
  • Wide range of seal compatibility

Meets the requirement of following:
DEXRON®, DEXRON®-II, DEXRON®-III • MERCON®, MERCON®V • Allison C-4 • Toyota T, T-III, T-IV, Honda Premium Formula ATF, ATF-Z1 (except in CVTs) • Mitsubishi/Kia/Hyundai SP, SP-II, SP-III • Nissan Matic-D • BMW LA2634, LT71141

Technical Information