Our Vision/Our Mission

A Recipe for Success

So now do we stack up against the competition? 

By offering a product and service that is as unique as the client, our philosophy is quite simple...... treat each client as a business partner and ensure their success. We also take our competition very seriously and gauge our products against the very best names in the Lubricants industry. For it is a well known fact that AXCL lubricants outperform and outlast other major lubricant brands.


Rules of Engagement

So how do we treat our customers?

We assess the needs of our clients and offer a complete lubricants solution that meets and exceeds all their requirements. We service our smallest client with the same level of commitment as our largest corporate clients. We bend over backwards to satisfy our clients and if a client has a special product need that we cannot fulfill then we will source it for them.


True Story

During a time of international oil crisis, when we were hopelessly low on inventory and prices had gone through the roof, we continued to supply our clients despite incurring deep losses.

Why? Simply because we had given them our word and our word is our biggest asset.

Now the same clients have captured larger market shares and tripled their business with us in the past 3 years.


Concept of Innovation & Ideas

Just when it seems innovation is beyond reach, we find a way to break through it.

At AXCL, we understand the core of the lubricants business. But we also bring something more to the table. Ideas !! Fresh ways of solving problems that can help our clients business. If your business has special needs or if you are simply searching for a better way then talk to us …… we have ideas to share.